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Who’s the Better Person?

I just got back from a late afternoon run. A simply picture perfect day with temps around 70 degrees and a very light wind. I headed out on one of my usual routes when just short of my half-way point, I passed a man jogging in the opposite direction. We both smiled, waved and continued on, because of course, this was nothing out of the ordinary.  I continued out through the loop and came upon the same man once again, but this time he was walking.  “You’re a better person than I am,” he shouted, to which I quickly replied,  “No! We’re both out here, and that’s all that matters!”

It's Your Journey

I wasn’t just trying to be nice or polite, I really meant what I said.  I’ll be the first to admit that I get down on myself when I plan to do a longer run, but end up cutting it short. Or have to stop and walk my bike up a hill while others pedal past me. But Glen would constantly remind me that I should feel good about getting out there and doing “something” !  And he’s right. In fact, every time you make the choice to walk, jog or run, shoot some hoops, ride your bike around town or to work, you are doing more than what 85% of the population does.  And that’s a lot to be proud of.

I hope that man realizes he has nothing to be ashamed of and instead should be patting himself on the back for getting himself out there!  If I see him again on another run, I’ll be sure to tell him that!

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