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There’s more for your core…

SilhouetteCoreJump start your day with the 5:45AM Spring session of Cardio Core & More!  Join the FitnessEDGE starting March 12th  for this 8 week, T-Th morning, indoor fitness class designed to strengthen your core and build cardio endurance – regardless of your current fitness level. This class welcomes all ages and fitness levels!

So don’t delay. Sign up now!

Cardio Core @ the Red Hook United Methodist Church. 4 Church Street, Red Hook NY.

Tuesday and Thursday Mornings, March 12 – May 2.

That’s 16 classes, 8 Weeks for $150 or $10/class. Bring a water bottle and mat!

Free T-shirt for new clients!

To register, call/txt 845-487-FIT7 or visit



Why do you run?

From physical therapist and fellow RRCA certified coach Bruce Wilk:

“The top 10 reasons to get you motivated and out running!

1. Running makes your brain stronger! 
We all know that running is great for our lungs and heart, but studies also show that running improves our memory and learning capabilities. Running also makes our brains function more quickly and can potentially help fight off age-related dementia.

2. Running makes you happy!
Running improves our mood and helps us keep an overall positive outlook. For many, running is just as effective, or even more effective, than anti-depressant medications.

3. Running gets you outside!
During this time of year, we have some of the best weather in the country. So while others around the nation are stuck indoors because of snow, get out and enjoy our beautiful Florida weather! (note: Bruce is from Miami)

4. Running is the only way you will become a stronger, better runner!
If you want to be a better runner, then you need to run! Consistency is key when developing your running. Maintain a base and you’ll be ready when the training begins for your next race!

5. Running makes your legs look great!
We all know that running helps us look better! No one will ever compliment you for skipping runs and sleeping in, but you’ll get plenty compliments on your well sculpted runner’s legs!

6. Running lets you cheat on your diet!
Running burns more calories than almost any other aerobic exercise, so you can eat more without gaining weight. Go ahead, order that dessert!

7. Running helps us make better choices.
Runners tend to eat healthier, avoid drugs, and abstain from smoking more often than our sedentary counter parts. Running encourages and supports our overall healthy lifestyle!

8. Running is better than not running!
Don’t let yourself feel guilty for skipping runs. Once you skip one run, then it’s easier to spiral downward and just keep putting it off. We all feel better when running is a consistent habit in our lives!

9. The Runner’s High!
We all know that great feeling of accomplishment and pride after finishing a run. And if it’s an especially great run, then we get a sense of joy and natural euphoria….the Runner’s High!
Finally, the #10 and top reason that you should go out and go run is that you get to be a part of the 48 million Americans that define themselves as a “Runner”. Don’t take the title “Runner” lightly; it’s one that comes with a great deal of pride and respect!”

What a great list.  So what are you waiting for? Get those shoes on an reap the benefits.

Do Sports to Watch Sports!

Say it isn’t so.

Ok. I’ll admit that I’m not a big football fan, but sometimes I do watch a game or two.  Do you know that 2 quarters of a football game, 15 minutes each, can last  90 minutes in real time. Think about it — two thirds of the game is spent with the clock stopped without even adding in the half-time break.

According to

“The average Football Game lasts about 3 hours. When you take into account stoppage for injures, time to set up the next plays, time to review the last play, time to move the chains, time for commercials, time to set up the field goal, time to ice the kicker, and time to generally sit around and do not much of anything, there are only 8 1/2 minutes of action in a game.”

That probably explains why I sometimes will nap to a Sunday afternoon football game.  Golf on TV holds my interest better. And don’t get me started on MLB games! I don’t think I have stayed awake through an entire MLB playoff or world series game in years, especially since the games don’t start until prime time.

So I have decided the best way to watch sports is to do sports.  Diane and I are probably going to watch at least the first half of the Superbowl game tonight, our plan is to spin the first half. Can you do it? Can you ride that bike and trainer for 90 minutes and get a workout while watching the big game?  There is plenty of time to have a wing or two in the second half. And it will taste pretty good after being on that bike for 90 minutes.

ride the half

Here’s my setup for the Big 10 basketball  a couple of weeks ago  (Michigan State vs. Indiana). I rode 1 hour and 25 minutes watching the second half of that game.  85 minutes to watch a college basketball 20 minute half.

All right everyone… let’s ride the half. Think I’m going to start a new movement!