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Thaw away those winter blues…

and some extra pounds! Join me, Diane Brent, ACE Certified GFI and RRCA Certified Coach, starting January 8th and heat things up with Cardio Core & More!  This 8 week, T-Th morning session, is a heart pumping, 60 minute, indoor fitness class designed to strengthen your core and build cardio endurance – regardless of your current fitness level. This class welcomes all ages and fitness levels! And with an early morning start (5:30AM or 6AM – we’ll take a vote), the FitnessEDGE will start your day off right and have you off to school or work with time to spare!

So don’t delay. Class start is just 10 days way!

Cardio Core @ the RedPolar Bear Hook United Methodist Church. 4 Church Street, Red Hook NY.

Tuesdays and Thursday Mornings, January 8 – February 28.

That’s 16 classes, 8 Weeks for $150 or $10/class. Bring a water bottle and mat!

Free T-shirt for new clients!

To register, call/txt 845-487-FIT7 or visit



Be a nerd – Sweat!

nerdEvery time you talk yourself out of exercising or from stepping up your routine, you are jeopardizing your cognitive longevity.  Consider these “mental health” benefits shared by the crew at Fun & Fit,  and start feeding your brain with aerobic exercise!

  • When you exercise hard enough to sweat you grow new cells — cells that are better and functionally younger.
  • Physical activity leads to 5% more gray matter.
  • Specific aspects of cognitive function such as task switching, selective attention, and working memory, all appear to benefit from aerobic exercise.
  • Mental test scores improve for those who take part in an aerobic exercise regimen compared to those who do just stretch and tone classes.
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Be a better runner — Running drills we all should know and do.

Running seems like the most natural thing that we all can do.  As kids we ran, jumped, skipped and moved every which-way without a thought about the “right” way to do it.  As adults, we have become inflexible and as a result, not as efficient at running as we were so many years ago.  Too much sitting at a desk, on the couch, or just not enough random activity.

I came across these drills from RRCA coach and physical therapist Bruce Wilk. It is a set of drills that even though they are directed towards the triathlete,  can improve anyone’s running technique and efficiency.  This is a program of single leg balance, stepping activities, and plyometric drills that are harder than they look.  Greater balance strength and symmetry will result in better performance.

New fitness line up starts January 2013. Have a look!

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