Musically Running

Some of our readers may be aware of my opinion on running the roads with ear buds blaring loud music. It is dangerous since you can’t hear what is going on around you. Cars and dogs can be a problem. I understand the need to have a distraction from all that heavy breathing going on but we need to be safe.

I do have to admit that I have worn earbuds while working out on the treadmill, etc. but never running on the roads.  Guess I just preferred the rhythm of my pace. I also had the added problem of getting tangled up in the cords, so bluetooth is a must.

I just came across a device that may change my mind,  at n least somewhat.  It allow ambient noise to be heard and keeps your ears warm too. Win-win, so it seems. It is a headband with built-in speakers that comes in wired or wireless versions.  Made of wicking material so it is comfortable and easy to clean.

Check them out.

RunPhones Wireless HeadbandHu


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