Coaching and Training Plans

If you are a runner or cyclist who wants to train for a target race distance, a new Personal Record, or would just like to learn how to run or ride better,  the FitnessEDGE can create a customized plan to help you achieve your goals.   We will

  • Evaluate your current fitness level based on a comprehensive interview and 30 minute fit test, to understand
    • what your personal objective or goals might be
    • if you are just starting, re-starting, or currently engaged in regular fitness activities
    • your past training methods, competitive participation and any injuries or limitations you may have
  • Design a program to make your training more effective, provide demonstrations, tips and techniques to help you perform better.
  • Evaluate your progress and modify your training plans through consulting sessions, in person, online and/or by phone.
  • Provide strategy sessions for specific races.
  • Consult on workout or race fueling and recovery strategies.

Choose Your Plan Today:

Plan 1.  One time evaluation, fitness test,  and customized training plan for a goal event/distance. No ongoing reviews of progress.   $75

Plan 2. Monthly coaching including initial evaluation, fitness test,  and customized training plan.  Consultation  at the end of each month to review progress and questions.  The training plan is reviewed and revised monthly as you progress. $75/month

Plan 3.  Personalized coaching including initial evaluation, fitness test,  weekly reviews of progress and customized training plans.  Available for consultation as needed online or by phone, weekly progress reviews. This level allows the most interaction and gives us the ability to tailor the plan quickly to your goals and training progress.   $125/month

Customized. Not sure you see what you are looking for? Contact us to discuss a plan just for you!


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