Fitness Classes

Get your body in motion with a group fitness class!!

Cardio, strength and endurance training designed for men and women, new or experienced fitness enthusiasts, and all ages. Variety and Functional training  inspires FitnessEDGE classes, and will get you moving in the outdoors and indoors, too for a total body workout! Using your body as resistance, you control the intensity of your workout by progressing or regressing the basic moves.
FitnessEDGE classes promise to burn calories and build lean muscle for a healthier you!

Money back guarantee!

Class Descriptions:

New! Fitbata!TM

Fitbata!TM exercise is the latest in Small Group Training designed for all fitness levels. This 45 minute interval-format class has you performing simple moves, over short durations to achieve lasting results.  This is a total body workout conducted twice a week that will cover Upper Body, Lower Body and Core.  You’ll learn to follow the 40-30-20 second work intervals and progress the moves at your rate over the 8 week session.  Fitbata is also the first FitnessEDGE class to provide email support with Monday’s Recipe/Ingredient of the Week, Wednesday’s Healthy Hints and Fit Friday Mini At-home Workouts.

Indoor Bike Trainer Night

Don’t let the winter salt and sand deteriorate your road bike training plans. Join fellow cycle enthusiasts and take your training indoors. Trainer Night will have you road ready for the Spring by combining cycle specific on and off-bike exercises along with sprints, climbs, and paced rides.  All you need to bring is your own bike and  trainer, we’ll provide the workout and the motivation.

Cardio Core & More

Just what you need to fight the winter blues! Heat things up with this  heart pumping, 60 minute indoor class designed to develop your core strength and build cardio endurance.  And with just a little bit More, you’ll walk away with a total body workout everytime!

Boot Camp & Total Fit

A 60 minute, Medium to High Intensity, total body workout including warm-up and cool-down/stretch segments that surround a combination of cardio, plyometrics, core, strength, balance and endurance training. Variety and fun drills keep you from getting bored!

Core Camp

Your core muscles are intended to facilitate smooth, efficient movements in multiple planes of motion. Join me for a 45 minute session aimed at improving your core stability, strength and balance. Class includes both floor exercises along with upright/vertical actions that will prepare your body for various postures and loading.

Cycle Clinic

Turn your bicycle into a fun, safe, and efficient fitness machine! This FREE instructional clinic is a hands-on event with a USA Cycling Certified Coach covering the basics of bike fit, safety, maintenance and rules of the road as well as riding techniques including group riding dynamics, power vs. RPM, shifting strategies and more!

F.U.D. Fighter

Intimidated by the sound of “boot camp”? Join others just like yourself and fight your Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt with this 45 minute introduction to boot camp style workouts. Experience the typical exercises, but with emphasis on proper form and execution of moves, while working at Medium intensity in a safe environment.


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