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“High, Wide and Heavy”

Well if that doesn’t sound like the beginning of a blog about fitness I don’t know what does! We could start with “high fat diets” or “wide arm push-ups”, or perhaps “heavy vs. obese”. But that all seems too serious right now considering I just spent the last 2 days vacationing around Hoover Dam and The Grand Canyon.

We all need to break from the normal routine, whether it be work, home life or our workout routine, and I was certainly hoping this vacation would be just what my mind, body and soul needed.  It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, largely due to the stresses of a recent job change.  But there’s nothing like the spectacular views of the Grand Canyon and  awe inspiring engineering feats of  Hoover Dam to provide enough distraction to take the mind and body to a better place. Literally. I’ve said it before but it bears repeating – you don’t have to be a gym rat to be healthy or fit.  You can find your healthful inspiration in many things and people, and all you need to do is keep moving.

Glen and I walked a lot this trip. We walked to the stores. We walked the Strip in Las Vegas. We walked around Hoover Dam. We walked the south rim at the Grand Canyon.  Motivated by our desire to see the most at each destination, we walked with a purposeful stride, while others simply strolled along and hopped on the free shuttle buses.  Walking sounds trivial. But the higher elevation turned your basic stair climb into a light-headed,  wobbly-leg challenge that was humbling to say the least. Now add that all together over a 3-4 hour period, and you’ve logged a great workout for the day!

And while we walked our way around these national historic sites, the mind drifted to what life was like for the early settlers in the region and workers who built the Dam. The difficult terrain and extreme weather surely amounted to what we would comparatively call a “hard life”.  But at the same time, I’m sure they were thankful for the work and inspired by the unique beauty of the region.

And so our Nevada-Arizona trip draws to a close. We head home ready to resume the normal routine, armed with a renewed mind, body and soul!