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Is jogging bad for “older” people?

Other than the reference to those over 45 being “older” people, this is a great article with encouraging news for adults who’d rather stick with their favorite impact exercises and save the silver sneakers for  – well, someone else!

Thanks for sharing the link Dawn! (Key parts of blog captured below).

Is there any scientific study to substantiate the claim that older people (over 45) should limit high impact exercises such as jogging, sprinting, etc.?

…There is also little evidence to support the widespread belief that high-impact exercise speeds the onset of arthritis. In a 2013 study, adult runners, including many aged 45 or older, had a lower incidence of knee osteoarthritis and hip replacement than age-matched walkers, with the adults who accumulated the most mileage over the course of seven years having the lowest risk, possibly, the study’s author speculated, because running improved the health of joint cartilage and kept them lean as they aged. Similarly, a 2006 review of studies about jogging and joints concluded that “long-distance running does not increase the risk of osteoarthritis of the knees and hips for healthy people who have no other counter-indications for this kind of physical activity,” and “might even have a protective effect against joint degeneration.”

Running and similar high-impact activities likewise have a salutary effect on bone density, said Dr. Michael Joyner, an exercise physiologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., and an expert on aging athletes, of whom he is one. Over all, he continued, he is “skeptical” of the idea that older people should avoid high-impact activities. “A lot of concerns about age-appropriate exercise modalities have turned out to be more speculative than real over the years,” he said, adding that during his research and personal workouts, he’s seen many seasoned adults pounding the pavement without ill effects.

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Cardio Core moves outdoor!

I hope you are all enjoying the outdoors again now that Spring has finally decided to stick around. The FitnessEDGE is capitalizing on the warming weather by taking the next session of Cardio Core to the great outdoors! Well okay – to the Red Hook High School fields- but it’s still outdoor!

Class will be moving to Mondays and Wednesday mornings for a 7 week, 14 class session that starts May 13 and ends June 26. This is a 60 minute session that begins bright and early – 5:45am.

 toetouchThe cost is $130 for the session or $10/class pay as you go.
To register for class, go to Class Schedule. Not sure this class is for you? Have no fear! With a money back guarantee and safe supervision by a certified instructor, you have nothing to lose!
So give it a try and experience the improved strength and conditioning for yourself. Each class is different, offering a variety of functional movements to recruit more muscles along with cardio bursts for a heart-healthy you!No room left in your calendar for a class? No problem! Forward this email to a friend and don’t forget to subscribe to the FitnessEDGE Blog for a variety of healthful tips, links to area rides & runs, and customized training services.  You can also like and follow us on Facebook!  Let us know what you’re thinking and how we can serve you better.

Seven Things You Should Have Known Before You Started Running

125542092-MThere are probably more than seven, but I’ll go with what I Just found in this great post from strengthrunning.com. I know the post is from 2011 but it still  has some great advice for all you runners out there.

One of the more important comments is that it takes a long time for runners to achieve their peak performance.  I would agree… he says 2 years or more. I would think that if you are in your 40’s or 50’s you should expect even LONGER to achieve your peak.  Most of us are very impatient and want to see results immediately. Unfortunately, the first results most of us see are the wrong kind…. pain, injuries, and lack of improvement. All because we humans as a species are too impatient.

Second most important comment, in my view, is that “runners don’t just run.” That is, if you want to be a good runner you need to do more than just run. Do those plyo’s, the core work, the weight lifting for strength and the dynamic stretching for flexibility.  I, as most runners will do, discovered the hard way when my inflexibility and lack of muscular balance caused lower back spasms. Several years and lots of P.T. later it is gone and I am doing all the above to keep it gone.

By the way, the picture is me running the mile indoors on the banked track at the NYC Armory a few years back. They run open adult-only races in the winter and it is a great venue. Go try it sometime!