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Sore No More!

Those Danish researchers are at it again. (No, not the guys studying raspberry danish!)raspberry_danish

According to the article in the Sept issue of Health magazine, “After a killer workout, hitting the gym again is probably the last thing on your mind. But… doing light exercise two days after a tough session is as effective as a massage for relieving aches.”

We all know that the soreness we feel is due to the tiny muscle tears that occur when we stress muscles to build muscle strength.  Some light exercise a day or two after an intense one will increase your blood flow, promote healing and enable the muscles to move more easily.

The article calls out these mini workouts “to combat achiness”:

  1. Take a Walk – a 20 minute stroll at moderate pace around the neighborhood or on a treadmill.
  2. Hit the Pool – Swimming a few easy laps will warm up the body and boost circulation. And best of all – it’s super low impact so won’t jar your joints.
  3. Work Out Your Core – Balance, or core focused moves, like single leg squats or side planks improve blood flow, up overall fitness and still give whining muscles a break.

And when all else fails, I hear a day at the spa is a scientifically proven cure-all!


Announcing *NEW* Fall class- Fitbata!

2013 Fitbata Flyer

Cardio Core moves outdoor!

I hope you are all enjoying the outdoors again now that Spring has finally decided to stick around. The FitnessEDGE is capitalizing on the warming weather by taking the next session of Cardio Core to the great outdoors! Well okay – to the Red Hook High School fields- but it’s still outdoor!

Class will be moving to Mondays and Wednesday mornings for a 7 week, 14 class session that starts May 13 and ends June 26. This is a 60 minute session that begins bright and early – 5:45am.

 toetouchThe cost is $130 for the session or $10/class pay as you go.
To register for class, go to Class Schedule. Not sure this class is for you? Have no fear! With a money back guarantee and safe supervision by a certified instructor, you have nothing to lose!
So give it a try and experience the improved strength and conditioning for yourself. Each class is different, offering a variety of functional movements to recruit more muscles along with cardio bursts for a heart-healthy you!No room left in your calendar for a class? No problem! Forward this email to a friend and don’t forget to subscribe to the FitnessEDGE Blog for a variety of healthful tips, links to area rides & runs, and customized training services.  You can also like and follow us on Facebook!  Let us know what you’re thinking and how we can serve you better.

Wake Up with the FitnessEDGE!

The Tues/Thurs 5:45AM Spring Cardio Core session starts this week, March 12! Join the morning crew for 8 weeks (that’s 16 classes) of strength, balance and agility training that recruits your core, and a little bit more! 🙂

$150, including a free T-shirt (for new members) or $10 pay-as-you-go.

This is an indoor class, held at the Red Hook UMC, 4 Church Street in the Village of Red Hook.

There’s more for your core…

SilhouetteCoreJump start your day with the 5:45AM Spring session of Cardio Core & More!  Join the FitnessEDGE starting March 12th  for this 8 week, T-Th morning, indoor fitness class designed to strengthen your core and build cardio endurance – regardless of your current fitness level. This class welcomes all ages and fitness levels!

So don’t delay. Sign up now!

Cardio Core @ the Red Hook United Methodist Church. 4 Church Street, Red Hook NY.

Tuesday and Thursday Mornings, March 12 – May 2.

That’s 16 classes, 8 Weeks for $150 or $10/class. Bring a water bottle and mat!

Free T-shirt for new clients!

To register, call/txt 845-487-FIT7 or visit thefitnessedgeofhv.com


Thaw away those winter blues…

and some extra pounds! Join me, Diane Brent, ACE Certified GFI and RRCA Certified Coach, starting January 8th and heat things up with Cardio Core & More!  This 8 week, T-Th morning session, is a heart pumping, 60 minute, indoor fitness class designed to strengthen your core and build cardio endurance – regardless of your current fitness level. This class welcomes all ages and fitness levels! And with an early morning start (5:30AM or 6AM – we’ll take a vote), the FitnessEDGE will start your day off right and have you off to school or work with time to spare!

So don’t delay. Class start is just 10 days way!

Cardio Core @ the RedPolar Bear Hook United Methodist Church. 4 Church Street, Red Hook NY.

Tuesdays and Thursday Mornings, January 8 – February 28.

That’s 16 classes, 8 Weeks for $150 or $10/class. Bring a water bottle and mat!

Free T-shirt for new clients!

To register, call/txt 845-487-FIT7 or visit thefitnessedgeofhv.com


“High, Wide and Heavy”

Well if that doesn’t sound like the beginning of a blog about fitness I don’t know what does! We could start with “high fat diets” or “wide arm push-ups”, or perhaps “heavy vs. obese”. But that all seems too serious right now considering I just spent the last 2 days vacationing around Hoover Dam and The Grand Canyon.

We all need to break from the normal routine, whether it be work, home life or our workout routine, and I was certainly hoping this vacation would be just what my mind, body and soul needed.  It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, largely due to the stresses of a recent job change.  But there’s nothing like the spectacular views of the Grand Canyon and  awe inspiring engineering feats of  Hoover Dam to provide enough distraction to take the mind and body to a better place. Literally. I’ve said it before but it bears repeating – you don’t have to be a gym rat to be healthy or fit.  You can find your healthful inspiration in many things and people, and all you need to do is keep moving.

Glen and I walked a lot this trip. We walked to the stores. We walked the Strip in Las Vegas. We walked around Hoover Dam. We walked the south rim at the Grand Canyon.  Motivated by our desire to see the most at each destination, we walked with a purposeful stride, while others simply strolled along and hopped on the free shuttle buses.  Walking sounds trivial. But the higher elevation turned your basic stair climb into a light-headed,  wobbly-leg challenge that was humbling to say the least. Now add that all together over a 3-4 hour period, and you’ve logged a great workout for the day!

And while we walked our way around these national historic sites, the mind drifted to what life was like for the early settlers in the region and workers who built the Dam. The difficult terrain and extreme weather surely amounted to what we would comparatively call a “hard life”.  But at the same time, I’m sure they were thankful for the work and inspired by the unique beauty of the region.

And so our Nevada-Arizona trip draws to a close. We head home ready to resume the normal routine, armed with a renewed mind, body and soul!

Words to Live By – #6

The food you eat can enhance or cover up your hard work. You decide!

– Jody James.

Weight Loss Tips – can you name all 10?

Most of us can guess that Exercise will be on the list along with Portion Control, but the tried-n-true tips occupying positions 3-10 are a lot less obvious. At least they were to me when I was first learning about this as part of my GFI Certification.  So let’s start with two tips that border on “counter-intuitive.”

3. Check the Scale.  How many of you have been told to throw away that bathroom scale!  If all I did was gauge my weight by the fit of my clothes, a few additional pounds could easily take up residence around my hips and my forgiving jeans, the ones that start out snug in the morning and go expand-o on me during the day, would never know the difference. And what about the 2% of the population (yes I made that figure up so don’t try to verify it) that only wear dresses? They would never feel the tightening waistband! So it makes sense to weigh yourself. Based on studies conducted by the National Weight Control Registry (NWCR) weighing yourself once a week has a positive contribution to weight control.  A weekly, not daily, check enables a person to keep tabs on small weight increases without becoming obsessive over the numbers, and affording them a timely opportunity to take some corrective action if warranted.

4. EAT Breakfast.  Eat to lose weight! Talk about music to my ears! Eating breakfast has NEVER been an issue for me. I ALWAYS want to eat breakfast. I always have the time and appetite for breakfast. (Those who know me well can confirm that my favorite meal to eat out is breakfast!) And of course, this is a good thing since NWCR studies have also shown that breakfast eaters tend to weigh less than non-breakfast eaters. What’s more, there also appears to be a link between eating breakfast and having a lower incidence of chronic disease.  Why is this the case? Eating (a healthy) breakfast typically curbs your hunger later in the day. If you can avoid the “I’m starving!” come noon time, you’ll likely eat less at lunch. The other downside to skipping breakfast is that it increases your insulin response, which increases fat storage… ending in weight gain.  Other advantages to eating breakfast include more energy – energy that will get your mind and body active, and making the choice to eat breakfast has been linked to making healthier food choices throughout the day, with more nutritious and lower fat foods being top choices.

So there you have it. Four of the ten “tried-n-true” tips for weight management. Tune in the next 3 Fridays to see the complete tips list unfold!

Until then, … keep your body in motion!

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Words to Live By – #4

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily”

Zig Ziglar

It takes time and effort to keep the motivation up,   set goals, enjoy the process, learn from the mistakes, and celebrate the wins both big and small.