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Weight Loss Tips – can you name all 10?

Most of us can guess that Exercise will be on the list along with Portion Control, but the tried-n-true tips occupying positions 3-10 are a lot less obvious. At least they were to me when I was first learning about this as part of my GFI Certification.  So let’s start with two tips that border on “counter-intuitive.”

3. Check the Scale.  How many of you have been told to throw away that bathroom scale!  If all I did was gauge my weight by the fit of my clothes, a few additional pounds could easily take up residence around my hips and my forgiving jeans, the ones that start out snug in the morning and go expand-o on me during the day, would never know the difference. And what about the 2% of the population (yes I made that figure up so don’t try to verify it) that only wear dresses? They would never feel the tightening waistband! So it makes sense to weigh yourself. Based on studies conducted by the National Weight Control Registry (NWCR) weighing yourself once a week has a positive contribution to weight control.  A weekly, not daily, check enables a person to keep tabs on small weight increases without becoming obsessive over the numbers, and affording them a timely opportunity to take some corrective action if warranted.

4. EAT Breakfast.  Eat to lose weight! Talk about music to my ears! Eating breakfast has NEVER been an issue for me. I ALWAYS want to eat breakfast. I always have the time and appetite for breakfast. (Those who know me well can confirm that my favorite meal to eat out is breakfast!) And of course, this is a good thing since NWCR studies have also shown that breakfast eaters tend to weigh less than non-breakfast eaters. What’s more, there also appears to be a link between eating breakfast and having a lower incidence of chronic disease.  Why is this the case? Eating (a healthy) breakfast typically curbs your hunger later in the day. If you can avoid the “I’m starving!” come noon time, you’ll likely eat less at lunch. The other downside to skipping breakfast is that it increases your insulin response, which increases fat storage… ending in weight gain.  Other advantages to eating breakfast include more energy – energy that will get your mind and body active, and making the choice to eat breakfast has been linked to making healthier food choices throughout the day, with more nutritious and lower fat foods being top choices.

So there you have it. Four of the ten “tried-n-true” tips for weight management. Tune in the next 3 Fridays to see the complete tips list unfold!

Until then, … keep your body in motion!

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