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If the Shoe Fits

The question is really if the Bike fits….

I’ve been riding this road bike for more than  1-1/2 years and doing quite well at it, without really have a true bike fit analysis and adjustments done. Just the local bike shop’s “eyeball” fit on the bike. Was it good?  I’m not sure. I went today to my race team bike shop, Bikeway in Wappingers Falls and had Mike go through a complete bike fit analysis and setup for me.  The result, he raised my seat by almost an inch and says that it will give me more power in my pedal stroke.  When asked why, he pointed out that it moves the work from my hamstrings to my quads which is the larger muscle (and thus more powerful).  While it was just done today, I haven’t had time to try it out on a familiar road course to see if I have more leg power to work with, as the bike is having some other work done, including a new chain to replace the one I broke last night.   It may have to wait for the criterium race on Sunday morning.  That should be a good test since I have done that race twice now on this bike.

Stay tuned…